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2016 Workshop - Preliminary Program

“Anchoring Uncertainty”    •      « Cap sur l’inconnu »

(Individual presentations are available to registered CPTA members only)

As co-chairs of the 2016 Workshop, Brian Dell and Jim Fraser welcome the delegates to Vancouver for the celebration of the 50th anniversary of the CPTA.  The inaugural meeting of the Canadian Property Tax Agents Association took place in Toronto in March 1967. There were 26 founding individuals representing 21 corporations. Shortly after this first meeting four chapters were formed, being Montreal, Toronto, Calgary and Vancouver. Those 26 founders must have worked hard promoting the CPTAA, as the membership grew to over 100 before the end of 1967.

The Association’s founding principles were formulated in these early days and have held steadfast. The objects of the Association remain to provide a forum and information exchange in the field of property assessment and taxation, and to study existing and proposed legislation and make representations to government.  In 1988 the CPTAA changed its name to the Canadian Property Tax Association. It was thought that dropping the word “Agents” amounted to a better reflection of the overall membership of the organization.

The inaugural Workshop was at the Seaway Hotel in Toronto in November 1967. Since then the Workshop has travelled coast to coast across Canada. Vancouver has been one of the more popular destinations. This year represents the 6th time we have returned to Vancouver over the last 40 years. Hockey fans will be keen to know that for major Canadian cities, Toronto and Edmonton are tied for last place at one visit each over the last 40 years.

We hope that in the tradition of the CPTA, you will find that this year’s Workshop is informative and gives you the opportunity to grow your knowledge and experience in the profession. Sessions have been designed to offer entry level instruction for our newer delegates through to refresher courses for the more experienced, as well dealing with the more complex issues arising in trying economic times.

2015 Workshop - Preliminary Program

“The Changing Tides of Property Tax”      •      « Les taxes foncières au gré des marées »

(Individual presentations are available to registered CPTA members only)

It seems fitting that in this scenic backdrop our “Changing Tides of Property Tax” theme will be presented, delving into diverse subjects timely to the current economic challenges facing all professionals in our association.

The 2015 Workshop Program offers not only a provocative Keynote speaker, but also educational sessions covering topics on latest valuation concepts, assessment preparation and technical innovations, our Cross–Canada Legal Panel, and an interactive presentation on business ethics designed to encourage delegate participation.

We hope that during the Workshop, you take advantage of the social events planned to enhance networks and to experience a “Real Nova Scotia Good Time”.  We invite you to come discover the story of Halifax, in the heart of the east coast and maritime culture. See you there!

2014 CPTA Annual National Workshop

“Where the Rivers – and the Property Tax Professions – Meet”
« Au confluent des rivières : le rendez-vous des professionnels de taxes foncières »

(Individual presentations are available to registered CPTA members only)

Winnipeg, meaning “muddy waters” in Cree, is built at the junction where the Red and Assiniboine Rivers meet. It’s the gateway to the Prairies and the West, the geographical center of North America and, from the 28th of September to the 1st of October, it will be the home of the CPTA’s 48th Annual National Workshop.

Winnipeg is a culturally diverse, cosmopolitan city with stunning cityscapes. Our Workshop hotel is at the historic corner of Portage and Main, and just outside the hotel, Winnipeg’s downtown is at your feet: the Forks Market, the architecturally inspiring Exchange District, and the national Canadian Museum for Human Rights, which is set to open in late September.

Our outstanding, committed and diverse organizing committee has assembled a comprehensive program: one that will have broad appeal to the spectrum of professionals that together comprise our profession – paralegals, assessors, lawyers, agents and appraisers alike.

We’ll be putting assessment CEOs and executives on the “hot seat” as they update us on recent initiatives in the world of assessment administration and legislation, and we’ll hear war stories from the appraisers and experts involved in the appeals of the Bell Centre, BC Ferries and other major cases from across the country. We’ll receive a Cross-Canada Market Update of key metrics in the retail, office and industrial sectors, and the First Nations Tax Commission will update us on its activities. We’ll hear from experts in the fields of transportation, energy and agribusiness and, as usual, will be regaled by the lawyers on our Cross-Canada Legal Panel.

It is a program with something for every practitioner in the property tax field, and boasts content from St. John’s to Victoria (and all points in between). And, of course, it’s bracketed by some terrific social events: an exciting and engaging partner tour on Monday; dinner and drinks high above Winnipeg on Monday evening, and some engaging musical entertainment at our gala on Tuesday night. It’s a program that we’re proud to offer, and we look forward to welcoming you to Winnipeg, Where the Rivers Meet, this fall!

2013 CPTA Annual National Workshop

"Taxation, the Other Side of the Equation"

« Le taux de taxation, la facette inexplorée de l’impôt foncier »

(Individual presentations are available to registered CPTA members only)

 The Workshop offers a program that will be of interest to you, no matter what your area of specialty or property type.  There are valuation sessions dealing with current assessment issue and contentious valuation concepts.  The effective managing of a property portfolio goes well beyond assessment issues.  It is often said taxation is by itself inherently discriminatory.  Understanding how taxation measures up with concepts of equity, treatment between property classes and opportunities presented through tax policy will be explored.

2012 CPTA Annual National Workshop

"The Evolution of Valuation: an Old-school Profession Coming of Age"  

 « La science de l'évaluation, en est-elle à son apogée »

(Individual presentations are available to registered CPTA members only)

The Workshop is forward-looking and designed to improve our professional skills and knowledge base.  The agenda will focus on technology applications in the assessment world and also the appraisal of value for assessment purposes, along with the perennial Cross-Canada Legal Update.

2011 CPTA Annual National Workshop

"A Plethora of Property Tax and Assessment Issues"  

 « Evaluation et taxation foncières : des défis en cascade »

(Individual presentations are available to registered CPTA members only)

As the Organizing Committee worked on the content for this Workshop and attempted to find a common theme, it became very obvious that no matter where in Canada we practice the issues we are dealing with everyday are not only plentiful, but diverse as well.  That is where our theme of “A Plethora of Property Tax and Assessment Issues” emerged.

2010 CPTA Annual National Workshop

"Kicking off a New Decade of Property Assessment and Taxation: 

Focus on Policy, Principles and Practice"  

 « Evaluation et taxation municipale 2010-2020: une analyse prospective

et globale des politiques, principes et méthodes d'application »

(Individual presentations are available to registered CPTA members only)

As our Workshop theme, "Kicking off a new decade of property assessment and taxation:  Focus on policy, principles and practice" reflects, the Workshop Committee has worked hard to bring you what I think you will find to be an engaging assembly of individual speakers, panels and workshops designed to inform you of recent developments in tax policy, to update you on two vexing appraisal issues, and to help you to hone your skills before appeal tribunals.

2009 CPTA Annual National Workshop

CPTA 43rd Annual National Workshop

“Valuation and Taxation in Uncertain Times”

« La Fiscalité Immobilière en Période de Récession »

October 4 – 7, 2009 in Whistler, B.C.

(Individual presentations are available to registered CPTA members only)

(Unstable markets, lack of sales, uncertainty, how does this translate into quantifying real estate market values and assessments? How do the assessment tribunals grapple with the effects of the fluctuating real estate markets? How do we, as practitioners, deal with the traditional indicators of value becoming obsolete within a matter of days or weeks?

Uncertain Times call for different approaches and bolder action on the part of all concerned, as we struggle with trying to find equity and reasonable values. These challenges affect us all and we have a responsibility to our employers, clients, tax payers and governments to strive to make sense of the carnage that this economic downturn has bought.   The sessions, the speakers and the panel participants have been specifically selected to offer an in depth analysis of the complex challenges that we in the field of property tax and valuation face in these challenging economic times. As cost containment becomes the watch word and falling real estate values have become an economic fact, what should we, as practitioners in this field, be doing to properly manage our responsibilities as consultants, valuators, lawyers, assessors and civil servants?)

2008 CPTA Annual National Workshop

CPTA - 42nd Annual National Workshop, September 28 – October 1, 2008 in St. John’s, NL

“Property Assessment and Taxation …  What's Below The Surface?”

« La fiscalité municipale ... Lumière sur l'invisible »

(Individual presentations are available to registered CPTA members only)

The theme was set because we all know there is much more to the world of Property Assessment and Taxation than meets the eye. We have put together a Workshop to help you explore this theme.

The program begins with our keynote speaker who is never afraid to see “What’s Below The Surface”, The Honorable John Crosbie PC, OC, ONL, QC. Mr. Crosbie is well known throughout Canada as a man that speaks his mind, so it is no surprise he is often at the heart of an issue or debate.

We have tried to see what’s below the surface on everything from Taxation Rates in Canada, Mass Appraisal vs. Market Value,  Disclosure and Access to Information,  Special Purpose Property Valuations,  the “Toronto Bank Towers Interim Decision”, and the Effects the Oil & Gas Industry is having on the East Coast of Canada.  The Workshop will continue to provide an opportunity to enhance our knowledge and skills through the structured program which will address the key issues in the property assessment and taxation field.