The CPTA has a long-standing relationship with the First Nations Tax Commission (FNTC) and its pursuit of fiscal independence for Canadian First Nations.

In consultation with our First Nations partners we have identified 3 ways in which we wish to show our support:  1) Acknowledgement 2) Support, and 3) Education

Acknowledgement this simple act is meaningful to so many of our fellow citizens. We acknowledge the atrocities put upon our First Nations and seek reconciliation for the wrongs done to them. We will post a message on social media on behalf of the CPTA.

Support as an organization, the CPTA supports our First Nations through a monetary donation to the Indian Residential Schools Survivor Society

Education – there is so much to learn and there are so many resources available for us to educate ourselves on this tragic part of history in this beautiful country. We encourage our members and friends to visit and share these important links as well as any others that you may find educational as we all work towards reconciliation.

The Truth and Reconciliation Commission Calls to Action can be found at the link below and describes 94 calls to action in the effort towards reconciliation:

Information about Orange Shirt Day can be found at:

The Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada is another valuable resource in learning about our country’s efforts to reconcile the past. The below link goes directly to the Government of Canada’s webpage title “Understanding the National Day for Truth and Reconciliation”.