We offer a wide range of high-quality professional development opportunities.

Seminars are held at the Chapter level at various times throughout the year, encompassing an introduction to Property Assessment and Taxation along with many seminars related to current events in the property tax field.

Our Annual National Workshop, a three-day educational workshop is held in various locations across Canada in co-ordination with the regional chapter. Networking with fellow members across Canada, in an informal atmosphere, is also an important point of these workshops.


Inform counterparts across the country of important events and issues by contributing to the newsletter.

Communication Update is an information vehicle published six times per year. It includes topics and articles on current tax/assessment issues, chapter information, new legislation and developments, upcoming meetings, provincial case listings and general information.


It really is who you know.

CPTA has members from across Canada. Being able to network with people from various jurisdictions allows you to expand your professional network. Our long-time members tell us the most valuable member benefit is the network of peers they have developed over the duration of their membership.

Member Feedback

“Being part of the CPTA has allowed me to stay up to date with changes in the industry, tribunals and legislation through the excellent communication to members that the association offers.  I find the conferences and seminars are excellent opportunities to personally meet tax collectors, assessors and others working in the field from across the country, helping to build professional relationships and discuss valuation and tax.”

Member Since 2011, Ryan ULC

“I have been a member of the CPTA since 1990…my membership to the CPTA keeps me informed of all ongoing industry news across Canada.  A membership to the CPTA is vital for any industry professional.”

Member since 1989, Client Profit Recovery

“Members of the CPTA are a wealth of knowledge guided by accountability and integrity.  There is a passion for keeping the members informed and making them successful.”

Member since 2003, RioCan Management Inc.