Aujourd’hui, à l’occasion de la Journée internationale de la femme, l’Association canadienne de taxes foncières (« ACTF ») rend hommage à ses membres féminins, anciens et actuels, ces femmes exemplaires qui ont contribué à l’Association et l’ont aidée à se développer, qui incarnent la mission de l’Association, qui ont fait preuve d’un leadership soutenu et d’un talent exceptionnel, et qui ont apporté une contribution importante à leur profession.

 Depuis sa création le 1er mars 1967, l’ACTF s’est toujours efforcée d’offrir à ses membres à travers le Canada une occasion de discuter de façon ouverte et éclairée des questions importantes relatives à l’évaluation et à l’impôt foncier municipal. Elle a également constitué une plateforme permettant à des femmes exceptionnelles de faire leur marque dans l’industrie de l’évaluation et de la fiscalité foncière.

 L’ACTF a parcouru un long chemin depuis ses débuts. Au fil des décennies, elle a fait place, de manière constante, à des femmes talentueuses, motivées, remarquables et désireuses de briser les barrières et de changer les tendances pour le mieux.

L’Association a commencé avec un effectif exclusivement masculin en 1967 et compte aujourd’hui fièrement plus de 120 membres féminins. 

Voici ce qu’elles ont à dire:

« Je suis membre depuis plusieurs années, j’ai servi avec fierté le Chapitre du Québec et je crois que les femmes apportent un point de vue unique au sein de l’ACTF et en taxation foncière! »
“I have been a proud member for many years, have proudly served the Quebec Chapter and believe women are the bird’s-eye view of the CPTA and the Property Tax industry!” –  Corinne Li, AACI, P.App, CN

“I have been a member of the CPTA for quite a number of years.  I have always appreciated the content and the focus of the association.  When I first joined there were fewer women in the crowd, over the years this has changed.  Attached is a picture from a women’s dinner at one of the CPTA events back in 2014.  Regardless I have always felt like an included and valued member of association.” – Tina Ireland, BC Assessment   

“Commercial Real Estate is a male dominated field. The CPTA does an incredible job of not only welcoming women but provided a space for us to learn and grow as equals. One of my favourite quotes is from Rupi Kaur, she says “break down every door they built to keep you out and bring all your people with you”. I love that the CPTA has created an environment for men to support to women and for women to support each other.”  – Anonyms

“Our industry has grown to include a large representation of women over the last 25 years.  Not only are these individuals influential and engaged in the industry, many are top executives and leaders in their professional roles.  CPTA has been in part shaped by the great ideas and leadership these ladies have brought to the organization. They are always encouraging of those new to the industry to join and step up to participate.  Being surrounded by like minded strong women provides a feeling of belonging and excitement to new and old members alike.” – Ewa Kata, Ryan ULC

“I am proud to be a member of the CPTA, and really appreciate the path the brilliant women of this association have paved ahead of me!” – Audrey Litwiler, Choice Properties REIT

“The CPTA has afforded me the opportunity to connect and learn from some of the most professional, intelligent and outstanding women in the industry.  Being surrounded by these women has given me the confidence and reassurance that we belong and can be valuable contributors in this business” – Crystal Hodgson, First Capital REIT

“I am proud to be surrounded by such strong and intelligent women in property tax, whose continued contributions keep events intellectually stimulating and exciting! I love working with such gifted women and look forward to continuing to grow our presence within both the CPTA and property tax industry.” – Morgan Timberg, DMA – DuCharme, McMillen & Associates Canada, Inc.

“Proud to be a part of an all-female property tax team for Enbridge in Toronto” – Paris Farahbakhshian, Shauna Shifrin, Ruth Swan, Enbridge

“I am proud to be a part of such a specialized group of professionals and I am honoured to stand among so many talented women in the industry.” – Laura Vessey, Yeoman & Company

“As we mark International Women’s Day, I am reminded of the importance of women having a strong presence and voice in the property assessment and tax industry. When we choose to be active contributors in industry discussions by sharing our expertise and perspectives, we become mentors for women looking to find their own place within our industry.” – Susan Harris, Municipal Property Assessment Corporation

“Over 20 years ago I became a member of the CPTA.  Since that time I’ve had the honor and privilege of serving on the Western Chapter Executive in various positions, and later as National President in 2016.  From early on in my career it was clear to me that the CPTA played a central role for likeminded women to leverage shared experiences and pursue their professional goals.” – Monica Keller, Pembina Pipeline Corporation

“Over the years, many women have joined this organization and have successfully risen to the top!  The dynamics have changed!  Women bring a very different perspective to the table and I’m proud to be part of an organization that values and appreciates that. Through the CPTA, I’ve connected with so many brilliant women and I’m very grateful for the opportunity to know them and learn from them!” – Lorrie Frankland, Loblaw Companies Limited

“Be the Reason someone feels Welcomed, Seen, Heard, Valued and Supported” –  Monika Cholewa, BGIS

“Women contribute to the CPTA and to the property tax industry in the same way they do to everything else – through their energy and creativity. Departing from traditional styles of leadership, I look to watch my female peers inspire and motion people through demonstrating meaning and purpose. Operating with not just IQ, but with EQ as well, women better both the commercial real estate and property tax industry with their empathy and humility.” – Diana Pan, Altus Group

 “I am grateful for the mentoring of the women who proceeded me in the Western Chapter of the CPTA. Two individuals come to mind, Liz Atkey and Linda Taylor. They also made it a pleasure to belong and serve the CPTA. As well, truly nothing would have been accomplished without the dedication of Viviane Marcotte!” – Joanne Manning, AltaGas Ltd.

 “Getting started in real estate and the property tax industry has been a rewarding yet challenging journey. Seeing all the women in our industry lead with passion and success motivates me each and everyday.  I remember hearing, as women in business: ‘No matter how senior you get in an organization, no matter how well you’re perceived to be doing, your job is never done” – Jei Zhang, Altus Group

“The CPTA is helping women and men share opportunity and influence across all aspects of the Property Tax Industry.” – Rosalia Benvenuto, RioCan