Membership Information

Why Belong?

The Canadian Property Tax Association brings together a uniquely qualified array of top corporate property tax officers, lawyers, tax consultants, and government officials. Membership in this association will be of tangible benefit to you and your organization in dealing with assessment law, interpretations and methods applied in assessment/municipal taxation. The importance of property (ad valorem) taxes has heightened in recent years, and can represent the highest single expense to a property. As a member you can draw upon the valuable resources offered by the association in order to effectively manage this major fixed expense today and in the years to come.


Membership in the association is limited to persons, associations, firms or companies who pay property taxes in Canada, or persons/companies who have property interests in Canada and others who are interested in furthering the aims and objectives of the CPTA, expressed in its constitution as:

  1. to provide a forum and information exchange in the field of assessment and taxation of property;
  2. to promote the equitable assessment of property tax purposes along sound and uniform lines;
  3. to study existing and proposed legislation and make representations to Governments;
  4. to perform such other functions as are consonant with the foregoing purposes

Chapters: British Columbia, Western, Ontario & Quebec

Regular meetings are held by each chapter. Guest speakers and topics vary dependent upon current tax or assessment issues. Guest speakers include tribunal boards, assessment lawyers, assessing officers, appraisers, etc.

Of equal importance is the opportunity these meetings provide to discuss problems in property assessment with fellow members.

Member Benefits


A membership directory is published annually. This directory lists all Association members, Board of Directors, Chapter Executives, member companies and also contains a complete listing of Assessment Offices for each province, including telephone numbers, contact names and addresses.


Communications Update is an information vehicle published six times per year. It includes topics and articles on current tax/assessment issues, chapter information, new legislation and developments, upcoming meetings, provincial case listings and general information.

Tax Practices Across Canada and Appeals Procedures Manual

This manual has been developed to provide an outline of procedures and tax practices unique to each province. Each member receives a copy which is updated annually.

Annual Workshop

Three-day annual educational workshop is held in various locations across Canada in co-ordination with the regional chapter. This workshop is developed each year in accordance with current events. Attendees are updated nationally on changes and are provided with an opportunity to learn useable information that can be related to their own specific responsibilities. Networking with fellow members across Canada, in an informal atmosphere, is also an important point of these workshops.

Examples of Seminars

Seminars are held at the Chapter level at various times throughout the year.

  • Introduction to Property Assessment and Taxation
  • Oil/Gas Seminars
  • Seminars related to current events


The founding of the Association was a positive response to a recognized need for a national organization to present a cohesive argument on equitable policy in the assessment and property taxation fields to government, at all levels, on behalf of commerce and industry.

Since its inception on March 1, 1967, the CPTA has consistently worked to provide an opportunity for open and informed discussion of significant issues on municipal assessment and property taxation for its members across Canada. The association offers practical assistance -- especially in such areas as government representation -- in promoting equity for changing business conditions.